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All Inclusive Cancun Honeymoon Packages, Best Resorts

Cancun Honeymoons along with Jamaica honeymoons are the most popular all inclusive honeymoon resort destinations on the planet. This is due to a large availability of flights and all inclusive resort options along with great prices. Many island destinations have to import everything they use including water. This is not so with Cancun, so your dollar is worth more. Practical reasons aside, Cancun honeymoon packages offer friendly people, beautiful beaches and amazing sites to see.

Cancun’s airport is the busiest airport in the Caribbean by far. When you fly into Cancun, drive 15 minutes north and you’re in Cancun. Drive another 15 minutes north and you are in Playa Mujeres. If you drive south instead you run into what I blanket call the Riviera Maya, which is about 81 miles of coast south of Cancun. So we lump all the resort areas into the Riviera Maya, including Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

We currently offer just shy of 100 resort options for your Cancun and/or Riviera Maya honeymoon. Let me try to put that in perspective for you. That is more than you’ll find in all the rest of Mexico honeymoon destinations combined. That is also more than the options available in Jamaica and Punta Cana combined (approximately 84). All inclusive honeymoon resorts in Cancun also outnumber all the Caribbean honeymoon resorts, if you exclude Jamaica and Punta Cana (approximately 94).

Cancun and Riviera Maya   100 all inclusive resorts
Jamaica and Punta Cana      84 all inclusive resorts
Rest of the Caribbean            94 all inclusive resorts

(numbers above are approximated)

Ok, back to finding the perfect resort for you. Let’s start north and work our way down. Playa Mujeres is a great area just north of Cancun, so you are close to all the hustle and bustle of Cancun, but far enough away to enjoy the luxury and beauty of the brand new Secrets Playa Mujeres opening in November of this year. We expect this resort to be off the charts popular. Several of our agents have taken tours of the construction site and predict this resort will be our #1 seller. From the beach at Isla Mujeres you can see Isla Mujeres just off the coast. The ferry dock where you catch the boat ride over to Isla Mujeres is just minutes away.

Cancun needs no introduction. White sand beaches, blue caribbean waters, famous nightlife, shopping and resorts for every style on the strip, just like Vegas. Secrets the Vine is centrally located and the most popular honeymoon resort in Cancun. This is an adults only all inclusive with luxury amenities and service. You’ll find 495 rooms (affordable to WOW), 7 restaurants, 4 pools and room service is available free of charge in every room. Want some other options to look at?

That brings us down below Cancun into the region that has so many all inclusive resorts. We send more honeymoon couples to the Riviera Maya than Cancun. You are not far from Cancun, so you can always visit anytime you want. Many repeat guests prefer the town of Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya 45 minutes south. This is like a mini Cancun, with a cobblestone street (5th Ave) right off the water with shops and restaurants and nightlife, but without the high rise resorts.

This region has 2 of our top all inclusive honeymoon resorts in the entire Caribbean. Secrets Maroma Beach is on the best beach in all of Mexico. This luxurious adults only resort is current our #1 resort for 2014. The resort has great service, great restaurants and a great variety of rooms. Iberostar Grand Paraiso is the most luxurious all inclusive resort in the area. Every suite comes with butler service. This resort also has a championship golf course (Big Break filmed here) and 4 more Iberostar resorts next door that you have exchange privileges with. So you can walk to the resorts next door and enjoy all the restaurants and bars or take a ride down the lazy river or even enjoy a wave pool. Want more options to look at?

Keep this area in mind if you are looking for an affordable all inclusive honeymoon. Go to the Riviera Maya honeymoon page, put in your dates and search all. When the resorts come back, sort results by price and find the resort that fits your budget.

Free WiFi at Sandals Resorts

We’re excited that starting December 1st, all Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts will be offering free wifi. You can use unlimited devices, which can come in real handy on a resort as big as Sandals Grande Riviera or Beaches Turks and Caicos. On a recent stay my wife and i used our phones like walkie talkies. Sandals Resorts are top all inclusive honeymoon resorts and Beaches Resort are perfect for all inclusive Caribbean destination weddings.

Since we are on the subject of wifi, i thought you might want to know what other resorts do?

Secrets Resorts and Dreams Resorts have an unlimited connectivity app that gives you wifi and free calls home. They have just a few stragglers that are not connected yet, like Secrets Huatulco.  Couples Resorts offer free wifi at all 4 of their perfect Jamaica honeymoon resorts. All Palace Resorts in Mexico and all Hard Rock Hotels in Mexico and the Caribbean included free WiFi.

Premium and premium gold Iberostar Resorts charge for wifi, but wifi is free at all Iberostar Grand Resorts, including Iberostar Grand Bavaro. Regular Riu Resorts do not include wifi, but all Riu Palace resorts do include wifi, including the brand new adults only all inclusive Riu Palace Antillas in Aruba. This resort is Aruba’s first luxury all inclusive resort.

Are Caribbean weddings legal?

My short answer: Yes, no and maybe.

My long answer: Most of the Sandals Resort weddings (and Beaches Resorts) that we help arrange are legal. The Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua, Turks, Grenada and St Lucia are all English speaking countries, so legal Caribbean Wedding ceremonies are usually very easy. You just make sure that you are on the island 1 to 4 days before the ceremony and provide some legal documentation (for example, birth certificates and a wedding application) and you are ready to have a full legal ceremony.

Less than half of the Secrets Resort weddings that we arrange are legal ceremonies. The 2 Secrets Resorts in Jamaica (Secrets Wild Orchid and Secrets St James) are usually legal weddings. These two resorts are also 2 of our top 10 all inclusive Caribbean destination wedding resorts. If you decide on Mexico or Punta Cana, which are both Spanish speaking destinations, the legal ceremonies get a little more complicated. Your legal documents have to be translated and certified (apostilled), which takes more time to arrange and will cost you more money. Most weddings that we arrange in Punta Cana, Cancun and the Riviera Maya are symbolic simply to avoid the extra complications and expense. Mexico also requires you to take blood tests at the destination, while Punta Cana does not. With the symbolic ceremony, you do the legal ceremony at your local courthouse or however you prefer. This makes the destination wedding ceremony planning easy, when all the legalities are taken out of the equation. You can still do a legal ceremony in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

If you are determined to have your all inclusive wedding be a legal ceremony, we can make it happen. Some islands make you jump through some extra hoops. One good example is Aruba, where you have to wed at City Hall. You can have your symbolic all inclusive wedding on the beach at Riu Palace Aruba or the new adults only all inclusive Riu Palace Antillas. City Hall does the legal part of the wedding, Monday to Friday at 10am or 11am. Some island are really easy. For example, Jamaica only requires you to be on the island for 24 hours and Barbados has no waiting period.

Best St Lucia Honeymoon Packages

St Lucia has won the World Travel Award’s “World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” for 7 years in a row. With a St Lucia Honeymoon you can enjoy all the pleasures of the Caribbean and a picturesque backdrop that is easily mistaken for the South Pacific or Hawaii. You’ll find beaches, waterfalls, rainforest, a drive in volcano, sulfur springs (famous for mud baths) and even a World Heritage Site (the Pitons) listed by Oprah as the #1 place in the world to visit.

Our 3 most popular all inclusive honeymoon resorts in St Lucia are the 3 Sandals Resorts. Sandals Grande St Lucian is the best of the three overall. You should do some research on which one is right for you, since Sandals Regency La Toc and Sandals Halcyon are the perfect fit for some. The first 2 resorts have rooms from affordable to WOW and Halcyon is the smallest, most intimate and most affordable.

If you are looking for the best honeymoon suite, well this is your island. 9 resorts have rooms with private pools, yes 9! We’ll list them below. The top suite would have to go hands down to Jade Mountain. The star suite? Sun suite? Moon Suite? Galaxy Suite? It doesn’t matter, these suites are all stunning. They are a bit pricey, since this is the most luxurious all inclusive honeymoon resort in the Caribbean. We’ve noticed a new trend has started. Couples are booking just a few nights here and staying elsewhere for the rest of the stay. The rondoval suites at Sandals Grande and 3 different suites with pools at Sandals Regency are amazing too.

St Lucia Resorts with Private Pool Suites:

If you are looking for an intimate boutique property, Calabash Cove is now our #1 new recommendation. This charming resort only has 26 rooms, including swim up rooms and rooms with private pools. For many years, my top recommendation was the Adults Only All Inclusive Resort, Rendezvous. Rendezvous is an affordable option. Coconut Bay is the most affordable resort that we recommend. This resort has an adults only section. The only drawback at Coconut Bay is that it’s located on the Atlantic Ocean side, not the Caribbean side of the island.

Spa lovers will be delighted with St Lucia also. All the resorts in St Lucia have great spas. The first we have to mention is the Body Holiday at Lesport. This resort is unique in the fact that the all inclusive program even includes one body treatment per day, which goes well with their slogan, “give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind”.  The second spa we have to mention is the one at Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort. Their rainforest spa nestled between the Pitons is exotic and really hard to describe properly.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding resort in St Lucia, call Lian at 678-894-7288. She just returned from a wedding symposium held in St Lucia.

Should I book direct?

My short answer:


My long answer:

Many people think that if they go directly to the resort or directly to the airline, they will find the best deal. I could see where intuitively, you would think,  “take out the middleman and save”. This is simply not true and in most cases going direct will cost you more. Travel Agents are the preferred distribution channel of all our travel partners. Our resort and airline suppliers don’t want to undercut our prices. Our experience and knowledge give our suppliers happier and more informed consumers. We also cost our suppliers less than managing their own reservation staff or paying a call center to handle their direct reservations.

A travel agent will give you better information. When you contact Honeymoons, Inc., you will be assigned a personal agent. You will have this agent’s email and direct phone number. This agent will be accessible to you from initial planning to arriving home. When you book with a mega travel site you have to speak to whomever answers the phone. When you book with the hotel direct, you do not get a personal contact. Because we are accountable from start to finish, we will always give you a correct answer. Resort staff tell us that one of the biggest complaints they get from clients on property is that someone told them the resort included this or that. Most often this is from a resort’s call center. These call centers are large and the turnover rate is high. You can call the same number and get 3 different answers. Staff  at the call centers are provided a little training and access to google to answer your questions. Our agents average over 10 years experience with selling all inclusive honeymoon resorts. Our agents are required to travel, attend seminars and take webinars. Our agents can easily compare resorts if you need help choosing the perfect resort for you.

Honeymoons, Inc. is also used to speaking in terms that you understand. Sometimes information can be correct and confusing. For example, Iberostar Resorts (which I love by the way), has 5 resorts on Paraiso beach. 2 are basic, 2 are nice and 1 is incredibly luxurious. If you read their website, you can see they are all listed as 5 star with the nicest, Iberostar Grand Paraiso being listed as the highest category of 5 star. Each resort company can use their own star system, so you can’t always go with stars. The point here is that we understand what American travelers want. We know that if you ask for a 5 star, you are looking for the incredibly luxurious one. We also know that if we put you in one of the basic resorts and tell you that it is 5 star, that we will not like your welcome home response.

Honeymoons, Inc. will also give you a better level of service. We know how important a honeymoon vacation is and we will not treat you like a number.

RECAP: If you want better prices, better information and better service, do not book direct.

Free All Inclusive Resort Stay

We have upgraded our giveaway promotion to make her more social. Let me know what you think.

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Best Punta Cana Honeymoon & Wedding Resorts

Punta Cana honeymoon packages have become very popular in a short amount of time. The main reason is value. This is a large island like Jamaica, so they don’t have to import every single item the resort uses. Punta Cana has great flight rates and availability from a few cities in the US. If you can get a decent flight or if you have frequent flyer points, you’ll have a hard time finding a better value than Punta Cana. Punta Cana resorts for the most part are new, large, big and huge.

We’ll start out with some resorts that we love to recommend and finish with a list of the Top 10 Punta Cana honeymoon Resorts and our favorite destination wedding resorts in Punta Cana. Iberostar Grand Bavaro is the most luxurious of all and we highly recommend this resort. The adults only ambiance makes it perfect for your honeymoon package. All rooms are suites and come with butler service and they even have a few swim up suites. The beach is fantastic and you also have 3 Iberostar resorts next door at your disposal. This resort doesn’t offer a free wedding package. Rates start at $999. The nice part is though that they only allow 1 wedding per day.

If you want a small intimate luxury resort (hard to find in Punta Cana), look at the Zoetry Agua Punta Cana.

Secrets Royal Beach is also a great option. This resort is also adults only, but normally doesn’t price as high as the Iberostar Grand. Secrets Resorts have nice honeymoon and wedding packages. The swim up rooms here with the jacuzzis on the outside are popular honeymoon suites. Secrets comes with 24 hour room service and you have full access to the Now Larimar next door that has a bowling alley.

I am excited about a new brand, Breathless. Breathless Punta Cana is the first resort built for this new brand of adults only all inclusive. This new brand will cater to those that like nightlife and high energy activities. If you want to have a rockin’ good time, Hard Rock Punta Cana Hotel and Casino is hard to beat. This resort is Punta Cana’s largest resort and has the largest casino in the Caribbean. The Hard Rock is not adults only and has lots of areas designed for children. This resort is amazing for Caribbean Weddings, since so many destination weddings involve children.

2 other Punta Cana wedding resorts we have to mention are Dreams Palm Beach and Dreams Punta Cana. These 2 sister resorts have great wedding packages and are incredibly inexpensive for the quality you receive. We arrange many weddings here, because brides and grooms love that their guests pay so little.

If you are looking for the very best deal, this might be your destination. All of the resorts here are a good value. To find the best rates for you dates, use our price and book feature. Remember to search first and then click on the sort by price feature.

Top 10 Punta Cana Honeymoon Resorts

1. Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro Adults Only
2. Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana Adults Only
3. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
4. Breathless Punta Cana Adults Only
5. Zoetry Agua Punta Cana
6. Majestic Elegance Punta Cana
7. Riu Palace Punta Cana
8. Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana
9. Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Adults Only
10. Dreams Punta Cana

Best Punta Cana Wedding Resorts

  1. Iberostar Grand Bavaro
  2. Dreams Punta Cana
  3. Hard Rock Punta Cana
  4. Majestic Elegance Punta Cana

Occidental Resort Honeymoons

Thank you Occidental Grand Resorts for bringing the honeymoon packages back. This company features very affordable all inclusive honeymoon packages in the Caribbean, Mexico and Costa Rica. Our most popular Occidental Resorts by far:

You can choose from a FREE honeymoon for all guests staying 3 nights or pay $499 for the upgraded Sweet Love package, which can also be FREE if you stay 7 nights or longer. These packages can also be used as an anniversary package.

FREE Honeymoon or Anniversary Package Includes:

  • Special Welcome Letter
  • Fresh fruit platter upon arrival
  • Bottle of sparkling wine upon arrival
  • Specials turndown service, one night during your stay
  • Continental breakfast in bed one morning during the stay, make reservations with concierge after arrival
  • 10% discount on all spa treatments, products not included

A 3 night minimum stay is required and inclusions are subject to change at any time.

Sweet Love All Inclusive Honeymoon, Anniversary or Romance Package ($499 Add-On):

The package is FREE, with a 7 night stay!

  • Special Welcome Letter
  • Fressh fruit platter and bottle of sparkling wine upon arrival
  • Breakfast in bed with mimosas one morning, make reservations with concierge after arrival
  • Nightly turndown service
  • Romantic candlelit dinner including a bottle of sparkling wine plus special turn-down service including rose petals and bottle of domestic wine in-room one evening
  • 30 minute couples massage
  • 10% discount on all spa treatments, products not included
  • Surprise gift

Restrictions apply and inclusions are subject to change at any time.

Why Choose an Adults Only All Inclusive Resort?

This is a big question that I used to get very often 10 years ago, but not as much now. Most people choose an adults only all inclusive resort, when they want a special romantic ambiance added to their vacation. Adult only resorts eliminate many problems that you might have an ordinary all inclusive resort. You won’t have your candlelit dinner disturbed by a crying baby. You won’t have to cover your drink at the swim up pool bar, because a teenager has perfected their cannonball. Please don’t get me wrong. I love babies and most teenagers, but i just choose not to vacation with them every time. We especially recommend adults only resorts when you are taking a special vacation, for example, all inclusive honeymoons, all inclusive weddings, all inclusive anniversaries, vow renewals and engagement trips. Because these resorts are so popular for special occasions, you’ll see they dominate our lists of Top 10 all inclusive honeymoon resorts and our Top 10 Caribbean wedding resorts.

When Honeymoons, Inc. started in 1997, you had Sandals Resorts and Couples Resorts. Both are all inclusive resorts for couples only. These 2 resort chains were the pioneers of the romantic all inclusive honeymoon resorts. Both companies started with resorts in Jamaica. Sandals Resorts can now be found in Antigua, the Bahamas, Barbados, Grenada and St Lucia.

Following their lead, many quality all inclusive resort chains have jumped in to the  adults only all inclusive marketplace. If you are looking for a nice resort, you can also check out Iberostar Grand Resorts, Hard Rock HotelsEl Dorado Resorts, Palace Resorts and Excellence Resorts. On the more affordable end, you can also now find adults only all inclusive resorts that are part of Occidental Resorts and Riu Resorts. Riu is actually opening the first adults only resort in Aruba on October 11th, 2014.

You will pay a premium for an adults only all inclusive resort, but they are worth it. Remember that from our adults only resort page you can see prices for only these resorts. If you want to see how they compare to other resorts, just go to the home page or the destination page. We currently have 16 destinations that have adults only. You could also say 18, because we lump Cancun, Isla Mujeres and the Riviera Maya together as one destination. Cancun and the Riviera Maya along with Jamaica and Punta Cana have the bulk of adults only all inclusive resort inventory. If you want to compare prices at these destinations, just put in your dates on these 4 pages:

Which Sandals Resort in Jamaica is the Best?

Clients come to us knowing that they want to honeymoon in Jamaica. They’ve checked out all the Caribbean honeymoon destinations for activities, value, flights, resorts, etc. and decided Jamaica is the perfect fit. Clients come to us knowing that they want a Sandals Resort in Jamaica. They’ve seen the ads. They have friends and family that have been and they’ve been looking forward to a Sandals Resort honeymoon for a long time. You would think their research is done, right? …not so fast, my friend… You still have 7 options!

Sandals Resorts started in Jamaica and the company has 7 resorts in 4 different areas of Jamaica. They also have 2 sister Beaches Resorts. The two Beaches resorts are not couples only all inclusives, so they don’t have quite the unique romantic and stress-free vibe that you’ll find at all the Sandals. They are terrific Caribbean wedding resorts. We often arrange all inclusive weddings for the whole family at Beaches, then the bride and groom spend the rest of the honeymoon at a Sandals in Jamaica or we fly them to another island sometimes. Your options are limitless.

OK, back to which resort is best? We take pride in matching the correct couple to the correct Sandals Resort. Are you looking for intimate luxury? If so, the best Sandals Resort in Jamaica for you is Sandals Royal Plantation. This 74 suite resort has the best food and the best service hands down.

Are you looking for affordable? The smaller Sandals Carlyle Inn is always the least expensive alternative. This small 52 room Sandals Resort is located in Montego Bay and is the only Sandals Resort that is actually across the street from the beach. Most Carlyle honeymoon couples spend their beach time at Sandals Montego Bay and Sandals Royal Caribbean.

Are you looking for the best beach? All 7 have nice beaches, but the best are the 2 mile stretch of beach at Sandals Whitehouse and the famous 7 mile beach at Sandals Negril. You can’t go wrong with these 2. Both are a beach lover’s dream. Which is best for you? Sandals Whitehouse is more remote and takes longer to get to from the airport. The resort sits inside a 500 acre nature preserve and the resort doesn’t really have anything around. You have a few tour options, but most people choose this resort to get away from it all. Sandals Negril is just a long walk down the beach to all sorts of bars like Margaritaville and is not quite as remote. Sandals Negril also has some incredible suites like the swim up suites and the millionaire suites with private pools.

Are you an explorer? Do you plan to bike , hike, climb waterfalls, swim with dolphins, ride horses, bobsled, golf, play tennis, bum on the beach and more? If so, we recommend Sandals Grande Riviera in Ocho Rios for you if you want to see all Jamaica has to offer. Ocho Rios is where you’ll find the biggest variety of tours and excursions. This resort is large with over 500 rooms, 15 restaurants and 10 bars. Because this Sandals is so convenient for excursions and offers so much variety, Sandals Grande Riviera is our most popular all inclusive honeymoon resort in Jamaica.

Are you looking for the best room or suite that you find? Sandals Negril has millionaire suites.  Sandals Grand Riviera and Sandals Negril have suites with private pools. Sandals Royal Caribbean and Sandals Negril have some fabulous swim up suites.

Are you golfers? You definitely want to choose Sandals Grande Riviera or Sandals Royal Plantation, which are both close to the Sandals Golf and Country Club. Transfers and green fees are included. The transfer is only 15 to 20 minutes.

Do you love nightlife? Sandals Montego Bay is close to the hip strip in Montego Bay. This resort is also the first Sandals Resort of them all. This resort is more active and lively that all the rest, so you can party all day and all night. You would think this would make this resort the youngest crowd of all, but NOT. Since the resort has been around 30 years, the resort is always full of repeats. Some of the clients are young and all are young at heart!

Would you like access to a private island? Sandals Royal Caribbean is the only resort to have it’s own private island. This resort will also soon have the first over the water suites in the Caribbean. We cannot wait!

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